• Coverage:Europe

  • Potential Audience: 694 million souls

  • Power: 250,000 watts

  • Transmitter: Shortwave
    When you minister on the Bible Voice you will play a vital role in  the pioneering movement of bringing the Gospel to the people of Europe.  Here's your opportunity to share the power of Christianity and the love of Jesus Christ with millions of oppressed, searching and hungry souls! Included with your broadcast, you programs will be available for download throughout the world, via Bible Voice's Podcast directory.



  • Coverage:Europe & Russia

  • Potential Audience:312 million souls

  • Power:250,000 watts

  • Transmitter: Shortwave
    Have you ever dreamed of ministering to Europe & Russia?  Make that dream a reality by broadcasting on WHRI-Angel 2, a highly regarded station that is part of the Lester Sumrall World Harvest Network.  Your Broadcast on WHRI-Angel 2 provides you with exceptional coverage throughout Europe and Russia.



  • Coverage: Dublin, Ireland

  • Potential Audience: 1.4 million souls

  • Power: 2,500 watts

  • Transmitter: FM
    One of Dublin's most popular FM stations broadcasting to the "Emerald Isle", Hope Radio is also one of the only radio stations in Ireland that accept religious programming. Hope Radio, which has been on the air since 2000, has a solid history in the broadcast industry.  Within a short period of time the station expanded from weekend only programming to round the clock programming.  Located in Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, Hope Radio is truly local "Irish Radio" providing you with a potential audience of over 1.4 million people!



  • Coverage: England, Ireland, Scotland

  • Potential Audience: 64 millions souls

  • Power: Broadcasts via 3 shortwave frequencies

  • Transmitter: Shortwave

    Broadcasting from Ireland on three frequencies, Reflections Europe transmits a clear signal throughout England, Ireland and Scotland. Due to governmental restrictions Christian broadcasting remains in its infancy throughout the United Kingdom.  That's why Reflections Europe is such a powerful Outreach because it allows you to broadcast throughout the United Kingdom without governmental restrictions.


    Did you know that only 3% of the people in the United Kingdom believe in Christianity? The United Kingdom with a population of over 64 million - of those 64 million people only 1.5 million are Believers!  This is your chance to impact the lives of a small percentage of Believers and, most importantly, provide inspiration, hope and encouragement to a large group of non-Believers throughout the United Kingdom



  • Coverage: Eastern Europe and Western Russia.

  • Potential Audience: 165 Million souls

  • Power: 150,000 watts

  • Transmitter: Shortwave
    The Russian Constitution states "freedom of religion" but this freedom is not exercised by the Russian Government. What can your ministry do to help end religious inequality, persecution, and harassment? Start ministering to the most populated regions of Russia and Eastern Europe. Included with your broadcast, you programs will be available for download throughout the world, via Bible Voice's Podcast directory.



  • Coverage: All of Europe, Portions of Former Soviet Union.

  • Potential Audience: 1.07 billion souls

  • Power: 150,000 watts

  • Transmitter: Shortwave
    We are excited about our European service utilizing state of the art broadcast equipment and digital technology.  With the station's new strategic location your messages will reach a larger audience with a powerful and clear signal.

    Beaming a powerful 150,000 watts throughout all of Europe and portions of the former Soviet Union you have the potential of reaching over 1.07 billion souls! And, you will also minister to many more souls via the Internet with the station's streaming audio technology.

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